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Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 Cricket World Cup - Tickets

Want to witness the upcoming 2011 Cricket World Cup live sitting at a stadium? Then, go and grab your Ticket to Cricket World Cup 2011. You will be glad to know that about 100,000 World Cup Tickets are available.

2011 Cricket World Cup Tickets have been put on sale by the World Cup Organizing Committee. You are free to buy these tickets online from ICC’s official website. Price for World Cup Cricket Tickets range from 20 US cents to 100 USD.

Previous Cricket World Cup was held in 2007 and the ticket prices were very low, so there was a lot of problem due to a majority of local spectators in the stadiums. Perhaps, this is the reason for the price hike in the rates of 2011 Cricket World Cup Tickets.

Also, remember that the World Cup Tickets are available in two classes, including, Platinum and Gold Class. The prices for these two classes vary and they are basically differentiated in terms of best stands at the venues.

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